Three favorite solo traveling food recipes

When you lose so many calories you need a rich and caloric food. Unfortunately cooking outdoors does not always allow this. Here are some of my favorite recipes. With photos from VeloRhodope 2014 trip Pasta with processed cheese My favorite and easiest to prepare dish. You need only pasta or spaghetti, 2 pieces processed cheese […]

Disinfection of drinking water

Why disinfection of water? Even in the most pure and clear stream may have contaminants such as bacteria, protozoa, parasites, viruses, chemicals, sludge, etc. They got there by animals, people or other contamination. Since no one can say whether the water is safe to drink just by looking, the best idea is to use something […]

Food poisoning

Food acute poisoning is possible when in the food are placed poor quality animal products /meat, fish, sausages, canned meat and fish, milk and dairy products/. Food poisoning /food toxic infections/ arises from the impact of micro-organisms and products of their metabolism /toxins/ on the human body. Food would be infected with improper storage and […]