Boyana waterfall in TripAdvisor

Today, as man who added and menage Boyana Waterfall in TripAdviser site I got mail for new stickers. As attraction in Sofia waterfall going up and up, receive lot positive reviews, including Sofia Green Tour

Tim Moss grant for adventure

A 3 weeks ago, in Twitter I find Tim Moss idea to donate his £200 from advertising in site and with other £200 collect in founding site to make grant for adventures and adventurers. As

Choosing a tent advices

  Tents are generally temporary shelters made of fabric. They have a detachable structure type skeleton from aluminum or fiber glass poles which gives deployed form. Disassembled, it is packaged for transport. When looking at

Indications of improving weather

Improving weather can predict the following signs: -Atmospheric pressure gradually increases, the temperature is lowered at dusk and the clouds torn and from west appear enlightened. – Appear cumulus clouds with bizarre shapes that disappear

Disinfection of drinking water

Why disinfection of water? Even in the most pure and clear stream may have contaminants such as bacteria, protozoa, parasites, viruses, chemicals, sludge, etc. They got there by animals, people or other contamination. Since no

Food poisoning

Food acute poisoning is possible when in the food are placed poor quality animal products /meat, fish, sausages, canned meat and fish, milk and dairy products/. Food poisoning /food toxic infections/ arises from the impact

Directions by local signs

For the man who observes keenly, directions can be determined by the lichens, mosses or anthills. It turns out that the north side of rocks and trees have more mosses and lichens than in the