.: Welcome to Sofia :.

Vitosha mountain is the greatest benefit that city of Sofia have. Four highest mountain in Bulgaria with area of almost 300 km2.

Colors, sounds and mummers or Surva in Pernik

In the last weekend of January, Pernik hosts one of the most colorful and noisy carnivals in the country – that of

Again trip to Lakatnik. This time to attend a special zipline stretching on Alpine meadow by people from Mountain rescue on occasion

Here is my first attempt to write a guidebook. And that are some of questions which answers will find in that book.

A tour around the cultural and architectural landmarks of Sofia can start from anywhere even the “end” neighborhoods, but classic can only

 If chairlift Dragalevtsi working that is one of the best way to explore the middle part of Vitosha. Even that track is

For every Sofia resident, there are 3 major viewpoints on Vitosha to see city bellow – Kopitoto area, Aleko hut and Kamen