Classic signs and icons for tourist maps

Every time I want to do Google or KML map for a mountains passing half the time wondering, what icon from widespread is the most appropriate. And most closer to that of the old Cartographic maps we (May we older ones) used. Easily recognizable and iconic signs to unify the projects created for the web and print. So little, by little recovered much of the old symbols used in maps in the last century. And to create a few new signs, for the things that were not mentioned a lot in Communist Bulgaria in the 70 and 80s – namely temples of different religions, votive crosses, guest houses and symbol of UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE. Here are the main icons, but over time, if I need or someone ask will create more.

And in the folder where are very icons are vector files which is generated are. Again with the same name can easily be downloaded if size and .png extension in the address of the icon is removed and replaced by .eps, such as –
I hope if you are interested and work with .eps files to return the modification or improvement that can be used by other enthusiasts like you.

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