Icons for outdoor and tourism

That is a set that mostly I use in small and city maps.
Each series contains 3 identical icons, but of different sizes – the first is 16×16, second – 32×32 and last 64×64. If you want to see details of an icon, press this in size 64x64px …
Colored square icons are good to add information bellow city and town names for all landmarks and interesting places to visit. Easily stand out on the map and contains elements specific to the Bulgarian cartography as icons for chapel, dolmens, electrified cave, etc. Also icons with different colors for protected areas – such as national and natural parks, reserves and maintained reserves …

Monochrome rounded icons are the same number as a colored, but because now no color difference, some of the icons in the upper set are missing and others are added. Such as those on protected areas – to the charts with bird and tree I added edelweiss, snake and fish. Icon for chapel is missing, but there is a new for antique artifacts.

Round icons are average option. They have the same background color, but preserved blue for water. Transperant effects and shape add button 3D appearance.


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