Caves and caves areas

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the total length of the galleries

and the deepest cave in the area.

As seen absolute favorite is Vratsa region with more than 800 caves, 50 km of galleries and the second deepest cave in the country.
Another interesting fact is that in the area of Lomovete half the length of the galleries falls on the Orlova Chuka cave and the other half is distributed between 338 caves. In Bosnek area Duhlata holds 2/3 of the total length of the galleries in the area, but the rest is distributed among only 27 caves.
Southern Dobrudzha is the largest karst massif in the country, there are 350 caves, but their total length does not exceed 10 km.
With same indexes are neighbors Strazhansko-Debeldyalski and Kotel regions, and only a low altitude in Dryanovo and Gabrovo areas gives lower indicators of the depth of the caves in the area. However, in one of the most perspective caves in the region – Machanov trap, still working and have yet to discover new things.
Ponor Karst it gives the best performance. Discovered caves are 170, but in ranks for total length is after regions with more than 700 caves, as overtakes and regions where they are longest caves in Bulgaria – Bosnek, Lomovete, Trigradski area with 30 km. galleries.
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