Population by age and region

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This is a map of the population since Census 2011. Areas with over 300,000 inhabitants are Sofia city, Blagoevgrad, Plovdiv, Stara Zagora, Burgas and Varna. Below 100,000 is just Vidin. So far nothing new. But why I do these graphs are the ratio between the different age groups in areas.

Here is % of the population up to 17 years. The percentages vary between 13.6 and 20 … The good news is for Sliven, which is a leader among the areas in youth population. The bad news for Gabrovo in which lives (%) less young people even from Vidin, became the benchmark for reduced growth, depopulation and migration.

However, with not many Vidin leads in Bulgaria % population over 65, followed closely by Gabrovo, Montana, Lovech.

Of course the most important statistics for the population of working age – between 18 and 65. Map showing relatively good results, most areas have more than 65% active population.

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