Tourists in European countries map

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Accidentally I found this table and after two days reading more I filled more with the numbers of tourists visiting different European countries. Unfortunately, these statistics are not in all countries conducted regularly and I have included data from both the past year and 5 years ago… But still give some idea of the tourist flow in Europe. The table is in Google Fusion and still to add new columns or it will update data. Interesting vision is calculating the number of tourists per 1000 residents, which gives information about saturation of a country with tourists. Of course here the most stand smaller, but popular countries such as Andorra, Malta, Monaco and San Marino, but also Croatia, Switzerland and Iceland, where tourists are 2-3 times more than the permanent residents of the country.

However, the top destinations in Europe are still France with 77,148,000 tourists, Spain with 52,677,000 and Italy with 43,626,000. Bulgaria ranks 23rd place with just over 6 million tourists a year.
See the table chart and Heath maps here

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