Изследователски станции в Антарктика

Research stations in Antarctica

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When I discovered excel file with the coordinates of all stations in Antarctica, while looking for more information about the Bulgarian one, immediately I said – This will be an interesting project …
And indeed. Export the file in Fusion Tables, as I put columns with a coordinates, be such as in file, then exported in KML. And after I had KML I could now work in various programs. When I upload on Google maps and the result is this:

Since the file is full of data, you can call various statistics, such as which stations are year round (40) and which seasonal (42), how many are long runs and even how to land airplanes. As the closest most stations have Argentina and Chile with 13 and 11, followed by Russia with 10, Germany – 5, Japan and Australia with 4 and etc.
I was able to visualize these data in vector file that can be downloaded from Fotolia.

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