Landmarks in Sofia 1879

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While looking for information about old Sofia, I found map from 1940 showing the post-liberation Sofia from the late 19th century and its landmarks. We tried as accurately referenced to the old sketch on the new streets of Sofia to see where in the contemporary town were in those places, because most of them were destroyed a further 90’s of the 19th and early 20th century. Especially interesting to see where it was City clock tower in the city and that the city had 2 mills, where now there is no sign of a river. From existed 14 churches, 7 still stand in the same places. The city also had and 7 mosques (3 buildings exist today – one operational, one Archaeological museum and a church St. Seven Saints) and 3 synagogues (other than currently existing). You can see old photographs and reproductions of some of these sights website Stara Sofia. I have tried to be as accurate, but if you notice inaccuracy, write about it corrected.

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