Thematic honored hikes in Bulgaria or in the footsteps of… our historical memory

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This year Krassimir Andonov join the the annual march In the Footsteps of Botev from Kozloduy to Okolchitsa. And five days we read diaries of marches life and feeling what it is to be part of something so big. This year was the 70th annual march and first one is through 1947. This and the attitude of Bulgarians to the personality and work of Botev makes this route the most famous and most visited theme honorary march, as well as the oldest. Unfortunately, most of the participants are organized students and people like Krasy walked in person to experience these last seven days in the life of revolutionary – a few. As I said, this is an annual march organized on the same day in an identical route. So, it is foreseeable to know when to take a few days off if you wish. And the fact that participate organized students is also a the best part of this campaign. More or less this is how to light the young, both for real assessment of patriotic values and to tourism.

But the march in the footsteps of Botev is not the only one in which you can join or make alone if desire. There are few, almost all related to the April uprising and the struggle for liberation.Since 1986 in northeastern Bulgaria is organized the march in the footsteps of the detachment of Tanio Voivoda . While it is kept longer, many parts from the route are mixed – walking and bus transportation. While organized every year, has no energy and enthusiasm of Botev march. A bit like organized celebrations five days in different places with the same theme and audience. More real somehow is the way in the footsteps of Benkovksi . Started in 1992 y. from Sredna Gora area tourists (including a cousin of my father as I found an old picture) is held between May 21 to 25 and passes 115 kilometers. Starting at Panagyurishte, passes through the Oborishte, Petrich, Stargel, along the ridge of Stara Planina to the Benkovski place of death over Ribaritsa, Teteven. The route is dynamic and difficult, sparsely attended (compared to other ones), but definitely worth it.

Another march that would have deserved to go is this in honor of Vasil Levski . Launched in 1995 by enthusiasts from Pleven, this is about 160 km. from Nikopol through Pleven, Lovech and Troyan to Karlovo.It takes place in mid-July, but unfortunately recent years the pedestrian part includes only the hike from Troyan, across some of the huts along the ridge to Karlovo and celebrations there on Vasil Levski birth.

On the map here, I marked and a route that recent years gained popularity, and this year was only seventh edition. This is a pilgrimage from the Church of St. Sofia in Sofia to Rila Monastery in honor of St. Ivan Rilski . It is organized by Theological Faculty of Sofia University and if we disregard this and the program of the evening is quite interesting and attractive. In general plan this hike follows the route E-4 Vitosha-Verila-Rila with minor modifications for places of worship in the way. I passed this part of the E-4 and the route is beautiful and charging, but other than that be the quickest mountain road from Sofia to Rila Monastery, did not follow the path of the saint or king Peter I.I like the lakes, not so Belchin Mali Tsari city, but the Cave of the saint in Zemen Gorge and the Boboshevo Monastery more tie them with such march. However, I hope that this hike will attract more organized or individual tourists. And what more hope that more Bulgarians (including myself) would prefer to do 5-7 days pilgrimage to Okolchitsa or Rila Monastery for themselves and their historical identity, just look at the dates and routes and to start planning for next year. ..

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