Lighthouses in Bulgaria

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There is no more iconic image associated with the sea from the image of a lighthouse. Coast of Britain and Ireland, East Coast of North America are frequently photographed with lighthouse in the background or main focus. But what we know about lighthouses on 350 km coast we have in Bulgaria. Lighthouses have – whole 22 and they are part of maritime navigation, but most of them are not known. Perhaps because most are small beacons invisible during the day. Interestingly, these beacons were made after 1945 and the famous, beautiful buildings until mid 30s.
Cape_Shabla_Lighthouse_3Shabla lighthouse leads in many charts. It is the most famous, oldest and most eastern and northern. Built in 1768, renovated and restored many times, but mainly in 1856, in its current form is from 1935.
Lighthouse Kaliakra has been built early 20th century and with stones from the fortress. Because of its location is probably the highest position lighthouse. A few meters from the shore, yet 60 m. height plus its 10 meters.
61_bigFrom the two sides of Varna city lights of Evksinovgrad and Galata deserve selfie with them. This next to the residence is built 1910th and is one of the most original and beautiful and that in Galata is from 1863rd, in nice countryside and architecture, but unfortunately already inactive.
The lighthouse at Cape Emine is also old. Built in 1880 on the ruins of the old fort in this place during the Middle Ages and antiquity. Now look at the lighthouse by far as the cape itself is a military zone. Another disadvantage is that you have to choose – to take a picture from Emona to the lighthouse or from the lighthouse to the village. Honestly speaking, I always prefer Emona.
In the old town of Nessebar have also lighthouse, but not as interesting as this in Pomorie. Pomorie lighthouse is located not far from the shore on a reef, but it seems like worn on the waves. That the is far should not fool you, it is high nine meters.

Св. Анастасия
Св. Анастасия
Lighthouse in Burgas is often confused with that of Shabla, because he is in white and red stripes. Besides color, it’s similar with his older brother in the north and that was built long ago – in the 19th century. And in the very Bourgas Bay and next to it are the lighthouses of the islands St. Anastasia at Atia and St. Ivan on Sozopol. St. Anastasia lighthouse is from the 1863rd and this is St. John from 1883rd, but the two lighthouse towers are refurbished and built new in 1911-14.
Below on south are getting smaller and smaller, the last one in the south is that of Ahtopol. Choice you have, depending on the place of recreation, choose the closest or not so to you and take 2-3 hours for marine pictures with lighthouse.

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