Застроеност в Софийско поле

Urbanization in Sofia field

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Quite often I go to Vitosha with Sofia Green Tour and spend at least 10 minutes of Borova skala watching Sofia field and the Balkan Mountains beyond. And often I think how big the city is and soon will fill the entire field. So after another hike decided to check in numbers actually how much are built and urbanized area. Something may consider fairly accurately, unlike the NSI, claiming that in Sofia live 1.2 million. First had to determine the boundaries of the field. For this purpose, I decided not to draw new polygon in the geographical boundaries of Sofia field but use the geographical differentiation of the same. Generated isohipses every 20 m in Sofia area and started to clean off until they formed kettle.
Central city part is in the range 500-600 m above sea level, but neighborhoods like Boyana, Dragalevtsi and Simeonovo are from 760 to 880 m asl. But on 720-50 meters Sofia field overflows to Pernik, Dragoman or Kamartsi. Therefore closed loop on 700 th meter. According to Wikipedia, area of the field is 1180 km2, but on 700 th Isohipses gave area of 1280 km2. The accuracy of 100km2 more surprise me, but encouraged that I guessed correctly, but I’m mistakenly close the loop. Then poured Corine shape files for urban areas and those in the border of contour add in one file. I turned on statistics… and it appeared that it is not as bad as it looks from above… Only 315 km2, with only the boundaries of Sofia in contour take just over 160 km2. It’s good to clarify also that in these accounts do not enter and road infrastructure, but dumps, mines and other similar, however come. Corine sufficiently accurate source, though smaller structures missing. The error in contours from 30 meter DEM model should be similar. So, take both to be correct.
The city is large but soon will not fill the entire Sofia field. Mostly half. However, apart from Boyana to Novi Iskar, it extends from Slivnitsa to Ognyanovo and Makotsevo…

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