Cycling infrastructure and its development in Sofia

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Use this map, as cycling route planer, to choose your route through city
Whether the Sofia municipality or organizations like Veloevolution , maps depicting cycling routes in Sofia show “established” routes as bike lanes regardless of how and where they are built. But as an active cyclist, I read and interested considerably on the subject and found many more relevant disposition and formulation of bicycle infrastructure used in the United States and Britain.
So I started shp file with a column in the table ROUTE_CLASS , where added depending on the type, construction and purpose of the road. Namely. As Bike line checked constructed roadway lanes – such as the Lomsko shose, bul. Europe, bul. Todor Aleksandrov, where movement becomes high speed and parallel to the road traffic. These lines are only for cyclists (and parked cars) and are currently the only major cycling infrastructure. As Multiuse path I have brought all lanes, which are located on sidewalks or pedestrian use zones. That is why, everyone’s favorite and example for comfortable bicycle lane – this along bul. Tsar Boris III, is in this category. No matter how well-marked, the border between cyclist and pedestrian is just an line drawn on the ground and sharing the driveway is inevitable. This mutuality requires a lower speed, overview visual contact and audible alarm. As Planned route are mapped routes announced for construction in the near future. No longer can trust the Master Plan of Sofia Municipality (from 2007-08) due to “modernize” and selective reference to the document as a current, I have not used announced in it planning routes. This Master Plan unfortunately remains as memo about the time of arch. Dikov…
In addition to the already built or planned cycling infrastructure are added to the file and the right to use or have used ones. The designation Suitable road are mapped streets and boulevards where despite the lack of special indication cycling at the observance of traffic rules is convenient for most cyclists. Abstracting from manholes and collected water on the right side of the road for these roads major and the only problem remains the lack of knowledge of the rules and low culture in relations driver-cyclist and vice versa. Park alley also belong to the not indicated, but the benefits of cycling infrastructure. If Suitable roads are colored close to Bike lines because of the use of the roadway, the alleys are a variation of Multiuse paths – ie again we have mutuality bicycle-pedestrian and similar terms and conditions. And whether labeled or not, most cyclists prefer to ride in the green spaces between cars instead.
Because basically created file with desire and direction to generate routed network of bicycle routes around the city using appropriate roads and paths to files are added fatsilitiys as bridges, subways, etc. As yet I begin to read how to build such a network, I’m open to help, and the file is sitting in Dropbox, to allow different people to work simultaneously. If you wish email.
With the help of I combine this file with a map base and above put as GeoTiff which downloaded from Strava Labs Leaflet tiles for the region of Sofia with used routes from 2015. Strava Labs is the right tool for visualization of road users as generate heat map of uploaded and accumulated tracks. So seeing preferred to use routes, whether marked for cyclists or not, because of comfort of riding, a logical route or traffic. As can be seen from the map, there are many routes used from Strava, who are not even in the category Suitable roads. Lack of appropriate conditions, plus increased bicycle flow, unfortunately only and exclusively is a prerequisite for incidents and confrontation.
As a final layer added and latest census on Veloevolution (in light blue) of 2012 ( data from 2015, still it do not have ), purely informative to visualize the flow direction. Unfortunately collected in these censuses information can not be analyzed successfully without the necessary scripts and tools. I found one, but buying it for personal purposes and only by curiosity, is not justified :). Watch presentation to see how useful it can be the insertion of data in such format and analysis and to identify problems and solutions will emerge.
All these files are working and online so reflect the current status of work on them and project development. My desire is to add other related layers and at the moment such with incidents occurred to me takes priority, but I doubt that will find reliable information unless I find inner man in traffic police or GAI (if you are – write me)
Map is available as WMTS endpoint for ARCGIS and QGIS

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