Population of Bulgaria – interactive map

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As elections approach, again took the files with administrative units to prepare for the new data. And using a script on Mapbox I combined files of regions and municipalities , so to show data for populations at different zoom.

use + – or double clicks for zoom in and zoom out and dragging by the right button

So an increase in the borders – 3 to 8 are visible data on provinces, and when approaching (8-22) appeared data for municipalities. As boundaries and the population of Province Sofia city and Sofia Municipality are identical, turned off the municipality and then swapped with data on the districts in it. And with the idea of more detailed information, I hope one day I can hit a nearly 7-thousand settlement units to be able to see and population distribution in municipalities.

I hope this type of map to be interesting and I am open to suggestions and ideas for improvement or upgrade in the comments here or social media.

I would also like to hear your opinion