Results of the presidential elections – I round

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From this year’s election, I decided to focus only on I-st round of presidential elections due interesting data and variations in different constituencies. What will become of the II-nd tour for President no longer interests me, I personally do not see difference between the two candidates. And for confused data of the CEC about the Referendum, especially the way have been introduced and formulated the questions do not intend to take notice of the results and Barekov the II… Even more so alleging thus they show support of over 70%, like the previous referendum, but provided that this is a national referendum must be considered% support from all eligible to vote because not voting is a form of disagreement and unsubstantiated, and then “Yes” vote is not more than 30%…
And as you can see from the title picture in different areas (constituencies) have different winners. It is not as simple as it is reduced to two qualifiers in the runoff nationally. Especially having seen that second is not always the same, but again 4 persons.
Although in 23 constituencies to win the General (“Other General”), in 4 + abroad won Tsacheva, in 3 – Oresharski and in one Mareshki. The very graph of the vote shows great variation in percentages as well as support for different candidates in different parts of Bulgaria.
In most of areas the differences are very small – between 1 and 5% between 3-4 candidates, with only 10 provinces have candidates with more than 30%. Radev it turns most popular in Yambol and Vidin, and is strongly supported by Central Bulgaria.
Tsacheva itself is popular in Eastern and Southern Bulgaria as well as Sliven and Gabrovo (though there to lose). She won and votes from abroad. For them will make separate maps.
Third in most results is Karakachanov with between 15 and 20 percent almost everywhere, even in Ruse is second. But around Ruse in Silistra, Razgrad and Targovishte has a 9-11% support. Similar is and abroad, and the poor results shown in the Rhodope Mountains, and Eastern (Kardzali) and Western (Smolyan).
Most of the votes of Karakachanov were “stolen” from voted for Oresharski . This is the saddest part of this election – that show so pronounced divide of Voters along ethnic lines. And while Bai Ganyo who thumped in the chest will always have and who to vote for them, the votes of the Turks in Bulgaria on the principle – “That they said…”. And with the same percentage could easily be a donkey of Nasreddin Hodja. A 47% in Kardjali to 14% of Bulgarian Turks in Turkey, and between 5 and 9% percent in areas with Bulgarian Muslims this is one of the most accurate maps of ethnic groups in Bulgaria. And especially shows that speculation about votes in Turkey are slightly exaggerated…
For me the real winner in these elections is Mareshki. In addition to winning in Varna (where incidentally is its main business and is best known) in Eastern and Northern Bulgaria has a high scores. Except in eastern Sofia, Kardzhali, Haskovo, Yambol and abroad, elsewhere there are between 10 and 20 percent, and as yet has no party recognition, it successfully using the Trump formula – “Vote for me, I’m a successful businessman”. At Trump work and for Mareshki will vote more and more, whether the rule and examples of Trump will be successful.
The only (open) Traykov pro-European candidate garnered more than 10% only in Sofia and abroad. This for me is sad because it shows that Bulgaria voted heavily influenced by party and business leaders – see Tsacheva, Radev, Karakachanov, Oresharski, Mareshki and Presidents back to Zhelev… And nobody reads or listens programs and objectives of candidates. This shows and the results of the referendum, where even one of the questions was for majority voting. From one side you want to vote for personalities, but still vote with herd instinct. WTF.
But back to Traikov. Definitely sees a correlation between big cities and vote for him.
Of course the most interesting should be the map with the votes “I do not support anyone.” Although ranked 4-5to place in popularity, there is nothing surprising or strange. In large percentage is in the region of Sofia, Plovdiv, Kyustendil, Blagoevgrad, Gabrovo, while in areas voted for Oresharski is at its minimum. Perhaps the only surprise is 5% of that vote from abroad. Definitely lost time and cause…
That are data for all candidates with more that 2% on I round of these elections.All data you may see here
Soon I hope to finish a detailed map of the votes from abroad, not so much to show how the vote but where in the world and how many are active Bulgarians, based on which to build a bigger map of the Bulgarian diaspora.

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