Безвизов режим за българи

Visa requirements to Bulgarians around the world

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Since Bulgaria is a member of the European Union, visa requirements for Bulgarians are becoming more and more relaxed with each year. That’s why after the map of the friendly world, in the World Tourism series, I decided to visualize this. And at the moment visa-free or with just an ID card can travel to 100 countries around the world, which is almost half the world. Except in Europe (to which are clearly not part Belarus and Russian Federation) is visa-free visit and most countries in South and Central America and the Far East – Japan, Korea, Philippines, Malaysia and Brunei. Also New Zealand and Oceania. In Central Asia and the Middle East, only a few countries do not require an entry visa – Turkey, Kazakhstan, Israel, the Palestinian Territories, and the UAE. And in Africa only Morocco, Tunisia, Senegal, São Tomé and Príncipe and Botswana.

Even requiring a visa, many of the popular tourist destinations have turned them into pure formality and issuing a visa on arrival or electronically facilitating entry into the country. Such visas are either free or at a symbolic price. E-Visa is issued by Saudi Arabia, India, Australia and 4 smaller countries, while visas are issued at airports (or ports) in more than 20 countries. However, if you travel to such a country on land from a neighboring country, check in advance, most likely the checkpoint you will pass does not offer such a visa (90%). But the Consular Section of the nearby city will issue the document within 1-2 days or hours without additional documents. And some countries, such as Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda, issue a common visa. All those countries where visa issuance is now relieved, I hope will soon completely abolish visas for Bulgarians in the future. But that’s how open you are to the world. Not accidentally, the countries in Africa have complicated and expensive procedures for issuing visas. I was surprised that a Nigeria visa, for example, was priced at over $ 300, which is absurd – a great economy but no tourism. Others require a bank account of at least $ 1000. In other words, not all over the world, the 90s are over. The next map of this series will have a cost of visas…

It is also important to know the condition that in almost all Muslim countries a visa will be denied to you if you have a visa or stamp in the passport from Israel.

The map is Google Fusion with data table and KML geometry.
Information – http://www.mfa.bg/120/patuvamza

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