Travel projects and Dreams

As many people I have a great projects and simple dreams. Still not have Bulgarian who is traveled Around the World with bike, and I know that never will manage enough money to when freelancing (or/and sponsorship) grant me 300-350$ per month, without siting 24/7 in front of my laptop I will do that, no matter that have enjoying all the time in the world 🙂 One of biggest dreams for hikers and bikes in Bulgaria is to do Bulgarian part of E-3 Long distance hike route or most know as Kom – Emine. 570 km hiking in mountain for 21-25 days. Sound interesting, right. But is not in my list next few years in this embodiment. So for now I have a compact, but brave goals…

Project N1: The Way
Yes, Indeed. I want to do Camino – the way to Santiago de Compostela. That is my main project and travel goal. And because want to do with bike I want to start from Sofia… That makes a distance of 3590 km, 7 countries  and may be 40 days. Still thinking about return back with bike and bus, train or plane… Never mind. That usually is something that you think after that :)))

Project N2: Coast to coast
From Vlore, Albania to Varna, Bulgaria are 1000 km. I have always been interested for how many days the man is able to cross on foot. Is I’m in condition to do that??? Will be something like 2 months!?. I’ve been in Albania and Macedonia. I do not need lot of money to do that. May be only need a somebody for company… And new shoes… Easy is to try with bike for 20 days maximum… I know that the decision will be a few days before departure 🙂

Project N2B: Coast walk
That is project not connected to “Coast to coast” and come from my friend Mirella Vasileva. She want to walk from Romanian border down to Turkish border on coast line. I like idea and want to go with her in this adventure. Let see when we find 2 weeks to do that 🙂

Project N3: EuroVelo 6
One of most popular EuroVelo route is attractive for me to. From Donaueschingen to Constanta are 2850 km. through magnificent places and views in Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Romania. Easy, pleasant and relaxing trip. Will it happen as soon as possible… Maybe combination with Way to Camino…

And the question that comes is – why so simple ideas are just dreams and projects?
At this moment I’m unemployed and money are enough only for small trips around, so any help will be welcome. I sell some design work and maps online – see “Stok photos and vector maps” page… Every purchase helps me to travel…
Or Donations 🙂 All this goes for travel and equipment…

I really will appreciate this empathy.
Will travel together.