She, he, it … Or how we say in Bulgarian, names of different countries.

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I recently saw a similar map created by Polish enthusiast like me and I was excited to make such a map and on Bulgarian, because I saw how many differences there are in different languages. A as a one of the founding of the Cyrillic alphabet, the Bulgarian is most appropriate to represent Slavic cyrillic […]

Cycling infrastructure and its development in Sofia

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Use this map, as cycling route planer, to choose your route through city Whether the Sofia municipality or organizations like Veloevolution , maps depicting cycling routes in Sofia show “established” routes as bike lanes regardless of how and where they are built. But as an active cyclist, I read and interested considerably on the subject […]

The GIS of main morphographic units and areas in Bulgaria

The GIS of main morphographic units and areas in Bulgaria or normally said – GIS with the names and boundaries of the main geographical objects. The basis of GIS file using Geographical map and descriptions of The boundaries are so maximum accurate as can be Isohipses border and description – …”passes north of village […]

Райони на големите градове и гъстота на населението в тях

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Файлът с Районите на Столична община отдавна стои сам по темата и когато ме попитаха за GIS на районирането на останалите големи градове, се зачетох, намерих необходимата информация и след няколко часа работа, създадох достатъчно точни шейп файлове на Варна и Пловдив. Според Закона за териториалното устройство, всеки много голям град* – т.е. с население […]

Detailed GIS on Caves zoning in Bulgaria

Even though already in 2011 transferred Popov map as KML , it is purely wishful and with rather vague boundaries. Therefore, I decided to make a detailed file for GIS and Google Earth, to allow only with coordinates to find the region and subregion, especially in controversial areas. And the more I go into this […]

Маркировка в Пирин планина

Маркировка на маршрутите в Пирин планина

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Като част от визуализацията на лентовата туристическа маркировка на маршрутите в българските планини за GIS и GPS приложения, приключих с маршрутите в една от най-интересните и трудни планини – Пирин. Тук можете да видите 24-те маркирани маршрута, засега само като цвят и посока, но скоро ще добавим и повече данни за самите маршрути – дължина, […]