Cycling routes sheme Bulgaria

Since I created website Veloturing BG, I wonder and experiment on different ways of organizing and mapping of the cycling network that can be created in Bulgaria. An extremely difficult task, given that there should be national institutions much experienced and competent in the matter. Some time ago with Pesho of we talked on […]

European hiking trails in Bulgaria Европейските пешеходни маршрути в България

European hiking trails in Bulgaria

Over the past few days I have been researching European hiking trails in Bulgaria. At present, the EHTs cover five of the high mountains here, but the creation and marking of paths proved to be incomplete. All of them must start from the border where they have completed the stage in the neighboring country and […]

Изследователски станции в Антарктика

Research stations in Antarctica

When I discovered excel file with the coordinates of all stations in Antarctica, while looking for more information about the Bulgarian one, immediately I said – This will be an interesting project … And indeed. Export the file in Fusion Tables, as I put columns with a coordinates, be such as in file, then exported […]

Tourists in European countries map

Accidentally I found this table and after two days reading more I filled more with the numbers of tourists visiting different European countries. Unfortunately, these statistics are not in all countries conducted regularly and I have included data from both the past year and 5 years ago… But still give some idea of the tourist […]

Africa map

Карти във винтидж стил

Карти във винтидж стил на континентите. Download from here и

Карта на Градският транспорт в София

Схема на Градският транспорт в София

Градският транспорт в София е сложна плетеница от маршрути и график на четири различни вида превозни средства – метро, автобуси, тролейбуси и трамваи. За да визуализираме тази плетеница и направя нещо полезно, създадох карт-схема на транспорта в столицата. За да е максимално полезна съм разделил автобусите на градски и крайградски и отбелязах най-важните транспортни възли. […]

Карти на света

Maps of the world

In Shop section added 2 new political maps of the world. They attend one of the newest countries declared independence – South Sudan. Both cards are in colors compared the continent: In the shade or color compared a continent, but with visible boundaries. Both maps are vector pdf files which you can work. Distribute them […]

Allocation of routes in map/guidebook of Lozen Mountain

I finished the graduation of the routes in rich in roads and trails Lozen mountain. Since the mountain is small, instead of to describe the 3 marked route, I decided to make it so that everyone can choose their way from junction to junction. See the schematic diagram and if you have suggestions or comments […]

Day tripper 3 - Seven Rila Lakes - Излетник 3 - Седемте Рилски езера

Day tripper 3 – Seven Rila Lakes

if you want to go to Seven Rila lakes and want to have more detailed map, you can use this one. These two maps are in different scale, and first show area from Panichishte to Rila monastery and from Ivan Vazov hut to Maliovitza area with all marked summer and winter paths. Second map is […]