Bulgarians. Ethnicity and migration

I have long been breaking statistics in search of something interesting. And as a Bulgarian, it has always been interesting to me why, although we complain about how little we are or less we become, there is still no accurate information about the process behind it. That is why I first filled in the borders of the country with data on self-identified Bulgarians, and then I started to add the countries where we are recognized as a minority. Thus was born the Map of the Bulgarian Ethnicity. Then I began to gather information about the “Pomaks”, since many of them are ethnically defined as Bulgarians, and indeed their dialect here, in Greece and Turkey, is acceptable to Bulgarian speakers. So I started collecting information about Pomak villages to track the genesis and subsequent migration. And when it came to migration, the last part of the project was to separate the Bulgarian diaspora around the world. However, it seems that Bulgarians abroad do not want much to be associated with their homeland, and the Foreign Ministry makes no distinction between students, workers, tourists, and immigrants, and numbers like 30-60,000 are present in “official” statistics. Apparently only on Wikipedia 30 000 people means “medium-sized city”.

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