Схема на велосипедни маршрути в България

Since I created website Veloturing BG, I wonder and experiment on different ways of organizing and mapping of the cycling network that can be created in Bulgaria. An extremely difficult task, given that there should be national institutions much experienced and competent in the matter. Some time ago with Pesho of velo100.bg we talked on the topic and he suggested a Dutch scheme with numbered intersections. For me, however, as most intersections are at or near settlements providing better option, at least when I travel, from city to city (as detailed at the moment) or thematic routes.
The new and convenient markings placed on EuroVelo 6 definitely gives cycling formality. If it seems and national network of bicycle routes, this will make biking tourism equal participant in traffic and increase safety of participants. And inserting of the Republican road network as an asset of this type of tourism is inevitable. To enable bike tourists to travel between cities, villages and attractions can not rely on newly bicycle infrastructure, often with questionable safety, comfort and driving sense in the design.
And even so to build, it will take years. Putting signs similar to those of EuroVelo 6 and warning for intense traffic on the road on cyclists will increase the attention of drivers and prevention accidents.
But back to bicycle routes. In excursion and weekend routes, the combination of city to city or circular route is a good idea, but sightseeing or recreational bicycle touring route is nice to be with a view and thematic. Therefore, based on the best roads I know and landmarks on them I shaped some itineraries and tried them to numbered and chematize for convenience. In the first implementation of the scheme are obtained approximately 30 routes, classified by two criteria. First, main and crossing Bulgaria. As with the primary roads of the national road network, as here, the main and most important bicycle routes were the first small numbers. Second, practicality and convenience, divided routes in the direction such as West – East were odd and North – South the even numbers.
Naturally I started from the first, most important and already marked time – EuroVelo 6 denoted by N1. N3 is Fore Balkan road from Kula to the sea, “the asphalt version” of Kom-Emine :), 5 Route 6 – Sub-Balkan road and 7 Sofia – Plovdiv – Svilengrad or Roman – Via Militaris or Diagonalis. N9 is per the second EuroVelo route – 13 – Iron Curtain Trail. North – South or vice versa are routes 2 – Along the river Iskar, 4 – Route 37 and 305 connecting Gigen with Dospat, 6 is Yantra River, and through Shipka Pass (soon safer for cyclists) and over Kaznlak and Parvomai to Kardzhali. N8 is Route 7 and the N10 is along the coast.
Other noteworthy are 12 – along the river Osam, 13 Vratsa – Veliko Tarnovo near some famous caves and canyons, 15 next to land border with Romania, 16 – Tutrakan – Shumen, over Sveshtari and Pliska, 19 – Sofia – Zemen – Treklyano, 21 – Kyustendil – Samokov – Plovdiv, 22 Malak Iskar River, 24 – Oborishte – Velingrad – Bansko – Gotse Delchev and why not the mouth of the Mesta river, 26 – Koprivshtitsa – Plovdiv – Smolyan, 27 Tundzha River and 31 TransRodopi.
I guess in describing will come some cosmetic changes, but for the moment as an idea to promote biking tourism and Touring will stick as close as possible to this scheme.
However, I’m open to any suggestions and ideas.

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