Boyana (eco) path Project

Having often used the path next to the river  to Boyana Falls, I have always worried in the area around the military. The path is dangerous and with time and intensive use, it becomes worse. I contacted Vitosha Park to ask if the path was in their adoption program. No, but if the repair/maintenance work does not disturb the landscape there is not a problem to do.
So I decided to try to make some improvements to the most dangerous sections. But one meter a month is no progress. The main problem for me is the distance from my home, the volume of work and the lack of materials and helpers. I hope to find more stable funding and a few organized events to attract friends for help. But whatever I can do to make the trail comfortable and safe to walk and a nice place to walk.



All photos from work in Google album

In one of my recent passages along the trail, I noticed that nature and fellow tourists were not much help to the project. I’m not sure I can and want to “pee” against the wind, putting money and power into a doomed project …

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