Detailed GIS on Caves zoning in Bulgaria

Even though already in 2011 transferred Popov map as KML , it is purely wishful and with rather vague boundaries. Therefore, I decided to make a detailed file for GIS and Google Earth, to allow only with coordinates to find the region and subregion, especially in controversial areas. And the more I go into this matter, I see that the existing cave map-index and zoning has accumulated serious mistakes – the most striking example of this are the niches and caves in both visited me Nochevo of Light and Cult , put into the 413 zone, just because it is in Kardjali Municipality.

Update August 2016
Since the overthrow of boundaries besides the topography and use the lands of settlements where there are caves, I decided to do another file – with the lands and the number of caves in them. Most often area and location is the starting point in the search for caves, so I decided to highlight the accumulation of caves by smaller administrative units. Moreover for fun, and statistics, I added a column formula calculating how caves are per square kilometer in these lands…
Update October 2016
Although, still working on those files purely informative can be used as WMTS Service Layer by adding a layer online

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