Maps of the world on Bulgarian language

Based on translations shp files from Natural Earth of the scale 50M and maps of the world in English that I had, on the site already have maps of the world and in Bulgarian. Like the English versions, these are free (just like).
But the differences are more and for better. First, the maps are available in two versions – a 3500×1800 pixel PNG raster file, and a 100x50cm vector PDF depending on what you may need – web or print. For “regret” PDF is protected from editing, and what to edit it – the text is in curves. Normally, I spent many days working and editing, but if you need a different font, write to me, we’ll figure it out.
The second difference is the type of maps. In English, they are only political with colors connected to the continents. Now in Bulgarian, only one map is the same, the second is different colors regardless of the continent and the third is physical with the basic geographic elements and points of the land and the oceans.
Yes. The third map is also the third major difference. For basis is used raster surface topography. The highest and lowest points on land and the deepest places for each ocean are noted. Unfortunately, because of the raster base, the map is not much to zoom, but the three maps are 1:35 000 000 scale and are not small details. Еven more the projection is Robinson – ie. oval, not the familiar Google map Mercator …

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