the project of Krasimir Andonov of which I became part

Light and cult

Documentary movie project of Krasimir Andonov about rock niches in East Rhodope start with this photo

and question – How much we know about niches?!
Apparently nothing. Why they are carved and how? Are they a place for funeral urns? Or fill with gifts for gods or for beehive with honey. Are they have doors… And till making the movie, we find that this is only a little part of questions on which need to search answer. And in search of these endless answers, we interviewed historians, we fly with drone over rocks or descended with rope on them, even made a 3D model of one of them. We visited nearly 50 of the 90 niche rocks in the Rhodopes. I even made a map, I hope that there will be progress with it soon and it will become a good basis for a thorough study of these artifacts. Enjoy the trailer and some of the photos and see more in my diary day by day

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